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Wir trauern um Eva Leveton

eva levetonMit großer Trauer gedenken wir unserer Kollegin, der Psychodramatikerin und Familientherapeutin Eva Leveton.
Yaacov Naor (Vorstand der Sektion Psychodrama im IAGP/Vorstandsmitglied FEPTO) hat auch unser Empfinden treffend in Worte gefasst.
Als Vorstand des DFP schließen wir uns seinem Nachruf an :
„Dear Psychodrama colleagues and friends,
I am sad to let you know that Eva Leveton has died this last Saturday.
This is a deep lose for our community!
She was a wonderful creative and wise psychodramatist and family psychotherapist. I had the chance to meet her few times in Germany during the PIfE-Psychodrama Institute for Eupoe Conferences in Berlin.We spent time talking about our life.We both have been born in Germany. She was such a warm and yet strong woman with a special kind of presence.
Eva is famous for her books: “ Psychodrama for the Timid Clinician“ which was published later under the title:“ A Clinician Guide to Psychodrama“. In 2010 her book: „Healing Collective Trauma Using Sociodrama and Drama Therapy“  was published. She taught for many years in CIIS in San Francisco in the Drama Therapy Program.
In one of her books about her childhood in Berlin she wrote:
“World War ll is the center from which I grew. I was eleven years old when the war ended and my Aryan mother and I left Germany to be reunited with my Jewish father in San Francisco. Living in America, I tried to forget that the war had ever happened. But, as the years passed, memory defeated the will to forget, and I remembered more and more”.
This is exactly what my Shoa survivor mother used to say: “ I thought that the more time will go by,the more I will forget. But the opposite have happened. The more time goes by, the more I remember“
Yaacov Naor

Yaacov Naor
Chair, IAGP Psychodrama Section 
Certified Trainer in Psychodrama and Expressive Arts Therapy