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Wir trauern um Zerka Moreno

Die Psychotherapeutin und Mitbegründerin des Psychodramas, J.L. Morenos Ehefrau Zerka Moreno ist im September 99jährig gestorben. Wir betrauern diese großartige Persönlichkeit des Psychodramas und gedenken ihr und Ihrer Arbeit in großer Anerkennung und Respekt

Sergio Guimaraes hat 2015 einen Film gedreht, der Zerka bei der Reflektion auf ihre Familiengeschichte beim Betrachten von 111 ausgewählten Bildern zeigt – ein wunderbarer Einblick in ihre Zeit und das Wirken des Paares Moreno: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qh9Jwl-Skj4 

Die http://www.iagp.com/ hat einen Nachruf veröffentlicht, dem wir uns in Inhalt und Haltung anschließen möchten und deshalb hier veröffentlichen:

„Dear IAGP Colleagues,

With deepest pain and sorrow, we are informed by our colleagues of the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, about Zerka T. Moreno’s passing.

She entered this mortal realm as Zerka Toeman on June 13, 1917 in the Netherlands and exited as Zerka T. Moreno on September 19, 2016 in Rockville, Maryland.
She is survived by her family :  Regina, Miriam, Janos, Jonathan, Leslye, Jarrett and Jillian.

As she stated in her memoir, „I was born unwanted, too early and too fast.“

However to our community and far beyond she left as a beloved and cherished extraordinary human being who had a most remarkable life and journey.

For us there is no better way to remind us of her life and legacy than by reading or re-reading her most recent books („The Quintessential Zerka:  Writings by Zerka Toeman Moreno on Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy“ and „To Dream Again: A Memoir“).

Zerka’s professional life was devoted to healing others, and our planet. Part of her enduring legacy is the attention, validation, and connection she gave to each of us, and in keeping with that spirit she has instructed us to celebrate her passing. In her memoir she wrote, „When I die, go out and have a good dinner and celebrate your life.  I’ve had a great life.“
Please heed her words gather your friends and family and have a good dinner and celebrate your own life.

There will be a celebration of her life at the 75th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Psychodrama and Group Psychotherapy, May 4-7, 2017 in Clearwater, FL.
We invite you to join us there and honor her life, contributions and passing.
There will be also be a special edition of „The Journal of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy“ focusing on her life and legacy.
Her obituary will be published in both the ASGPP („Psychodrama Network News“) and the ABE („Board News.“).

In conclusion we ask you to take a moment to reflect and honor Zerka T. Moreno by carrying forward her legacy in your life and work.
Her family has requested that they be allowed to mourn in private.
All IAGP members will keep Zerka in our memory and heart : her wisdom, her kindness, her inspiring vision in her so precious work.

We will celebrate Zerka’s life at IAGP’s 20th International Congress of Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes in Malmö Sweden: Rising Tides of Challenge and Hope: healing identity, in society, groups and individuals in 2018.(Precongress 31st July, 2018 – Congress 1st-4th August, 2018)

Kind Regards,
Catherine Mela

IAGP Secretary“