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Passerelles – Transmission Workshop


Passerelles – Transmission Workshop

von Manfred Jannicke with Passerelles


The group Passerelles works with transgenerational encounter aiming to open spaces for dialogue, acceptance, responsibility as well as sensitivity and respect for the differences between the people and the peoples.

With this workshop we want to explore what we got from the past and how we can be aware of what we give to the future.

We invite you to look at the three stages of transmission: the past, the future and the in-between.

We will use Psychodrama as a method of role reversal and art therapy, expressive techniques.

Working language: broken english

Please register here: registration@passerelles.eu

Fee: 65 € for 6h incl break, early bird 55€ until May 11th . After registration we send a Zoom Link in time. IBAN DE89100500006014670953

We are PASSERELLES: Hilde Gött (GER), Dania Appel (CHE), Elinor Zalmona (ISR), Manfred Jannicke (GER), in the legacy of Yaacov Naor (ISR).

Um dich für diese Veranstaltung zu registrieren, besuche den folgenden Link:


Datum und Uhrzeit

30.05.2021 - 10:30
30.05.2021 - 16:30


14542 Zoom

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