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ISI – Seminar „Drama of the Soul“ jetzt als online Seminar am 16.5.2020

The Drama of the Soul

Manuela Maciel, Lissabon

The Drama of the Soul is an approach based on the concepts of psychodrama and spiritual intelligence ( First Universe, the GodHead from Moreno), which helps each one to realize higher aims by aligning the ego and the cosmic awareness or the First Universe. It is a transformative process integrating different intelligences and dealing with topics related to spiritual intelligence, meaning, and values that question how one can live life in a larger, richer, more meaningful way. It is used in defining and regulating the roles to be developed for a more fullfilled life in a very personal way.

In this workshop we will develop awareness of each one`s Purpose in Life and existential values and potential gifts using an active and psychodramatic methodology, adapted to the online possibilities.
We will also become more aware of how the Transgenerational legacy that comes through our family may help us to understand our Soul`s Mission and our Higher Purpose.
With simplicity and pragmatism and yet with big depth, many exercises and experiences but also some theoretical concepts, will help an integrated and holistic perspective to expand the transformation process essential in these present times.

We are happy to also welcome international guests. Please send us an email with your registration: service@isi-hamburg.org
After you have tranferred the participation fee, we will send you the access link to this seminar. Thank you.

Dieses Seminar findet ohne Übersetzung in einfachem Englisch statt.


Samstag 16. Mai 2020 10:00 – 18:00


Kursgebühr 65 €
Nach Zahlungseingang senden wir Ihnen den Zugangslink zu diesem Seminar per mail.


Diese Veranstaltung findet als Online Seminar über Zoom statt.

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